Sommelier school


It was opened on November, 28th, 2001 and embodied in itself all experience which our company had in this sphere. Despite of so early age, our School has won 4th place on All-Russian Olympiad of wine schools , that shows the high vocational training of our listeners.

Courses and seminars include the studying of such subjects:

The organization of wine service at restaurants (lectures on wines, strong alcohol drinks, cigars).
The organization of service at restaurants and the enterprises of tourist branch.
Bases of psychology and conflictology.
Bases of ethno-psychological features of nations of the world.
Bases of ethics and aesthetics at restaurant.

40 % of lecture time is allocated to wine making regions of France: Champagne, Alsace Bourgogne, Bordeaux, the Valley of Rhone, and the Valley of Loire, the Southwest, Languedoc-Russiyon, Provence, Corsica, wines of Italy, Spain, Germany and other different countries of the world.
Wines of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova are referred to separate themes.
Separate lectures pass with participation of representatives of the companies making or delivering wines to Ukraine of studied area.

Today the most part of studies is accompanied by display of video data (wine of Bordeaux, wines of Bourgogne, wines of Italy, cognac, cigars, etc.). On tasting, listeners have received an unique opportunity to work with a collection of the aromas inherent in wines, are used all opportunities in order to inform up to listeners as much as possible of the useful and interesting information.


Lessons are held 3 times to a week, from 10:00 till 14.30, on Saturday from 11:00 till 17.00. The general duration of the study is 2- 2,5 months.

For receiving the Certificate of Institute of Tourism, Federation of trade unions of Ukraine and the Certificate of the company Master-Class " are held examinations on the termination of training, which consist of 2 parts: examination on a theoretical material and on practice
Results of efforts "Master-class" will not keep itself waiting, the first graduates: qualified sommeliers already work at the enterprises of Kiev, Donetsk, Chernovtsy, Odessa, and also in restaurant complexes of floating hotels, on cruise liners.


The sommelier alone can transform drinking of wine in the genuine ritual of cognition of this divine drink, true pleasure by taste, and restaurant - to Mecca for rest of guests.

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